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At Starr Quality Construction, we can offer you several different options when it comes to your new home build or home addition. You can select from one of our standard home build layouts, or we can help you create something that is 100 percent custom to your own preferences.


Either way, Starr Quality Construction will communicate and work with you throughout the entire build process. We understand building a new home or addition to your home can be perceived as a big undertaking. It is for this reason that our team of professionals are available night and day to ensure you are informed during each stage of the building process. 

It is important that you feel completely confident in your residential builder. We truly believe that maintaining proper communication leads to this confidence.


During a build, not everything goes to plan. We'll be the first to admit that. You can trust Starr Quality Construction to notify you of any scheduling changes as well as plan tweaks and adjustments. You'll never be left in the dark.  

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